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Your donations help support Lovingkindness Ministries in its mission of outreach and caring for street children and homeless in the Philippines, along with disaster relief operations as the needs arise.  At the present time (July, 2009) our needs are as follow (in US Dollars):


Regular monthly support needed:

 Missionaries Randy & Dinnah Bradbury & family (to enable fully-focused service):
  (self-funding at present through "tent-making" services)
 Street children ministry (feeding, medical care & enablement for education): $250
 Street ministry to homeless families (food, counseling, clothing, medical care):
 Little Lambs Ministry Center (education and feeding center): (based on our past two years experience, this is what we estimate is needed, plus @ $500 to start things up again) $  750
 Children's Home and Education Center (8 children plus staff):
(this is what we calculate, based on past experience, is needed to sufficiently fund on an ongoing basis, once we're able to start this again)
 Homeless family shelters (including children's and adult education, and to re-commence microloan funding for small enterprises):



One-time Needs:

Vehicle (presently have a small motorcycle and Toyota Corolla- need a van-type vehicle for ministry):$  7,500 
 Emergency and Disaster Relief Fund:  $ 25,000
 Purchase, Rehab and Set-up of Children's Home (8 children): $225,000
  Purchase, Rehab and Set-up of Family Shelters (12 families): $125,000

Please let us know if you wish for your gift to be designated to a particular purpose or project, or if you wish to sponsor a family ($100 - $300/mo) or to partially* or fully** sponsor a child ($25 - $300/mo).  We will always do our utmost to honor your request, and will not use it for any other purpose without first contacting you and obtaining your consent. 

*Partial Sponsorship covers most of the child's food expenses

**Full Sponsorship covers the total cost of food, clothing, education and medical, along with the pro-rata share of caring for the child 

(We maintain meticulous financial records, and make these available to donors or potential donors upon request.)

To Partner with us or Donate Now (All donations are U.S. and/or Philippines tax deductible):


PayPal:  (Easy to use, familiar to millions of people, and has the advantage of being available almost immediately)


Moneybookers  (must give our email: lkministries@gmail.com)

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